light-bulb-984551_640Thanks for stopping by to find out more information about SparkGap.  SparkGap is not your typical consulting firm.  In fact, I really dislike the restrictive terms of consultant or coach.

My name is Jared.  I am the founder of SparkGap. SparkGap is here to help you develop your team,
achieve your goals, and to support you along the way.  I hold the belief that you already have the tools to reach your dreams, you might just need a different perspective to get over the road bumps that sometimes show up.

I have the desire, as a Leadership Evangelist; to see positive change in interaction, fulfilment, incredible creativity, and teams functioning at new levels.  

I see the process for this growth as impacting the atmosphere, adjusting the climate, changing the culture, reducing resistance, and encouraging empathy in abundance. 

The common thread is, encouraging TRUE leadership.