What do we offer?

The basis of our coaching, consulting, and workshops is Emergenetics.

Emergenetics is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply thinking and behavior patterns people use regularly. They were identified by reviewing research from a wide body of academic literature covering personality, psychology, and neuroscience. These results were then subjected to rigorous statistical analysis. On a practical level, the Emergenetics Profile represents a clear framework of seven easily recognizable and useful factors that apply to work, communication, and interpersonal relationships.

Have you taken a Profile?

If you’ve already taken your Emergenetics Profile, you may want a refresher on what Emergenetics is, how your Profile works, and how you can develop your individual strengths.  Check out the Emergenetics website for the background on Emergenetics and Click Here to get a look behind the Emergenetics Profile and see what it’s all about.

Have you gone through an Emergenetics Workshop?

An Emergenetics workshop through Spark Gap is one of the most powerful ways of learning how to excel in your work by capitalizing on your innate strengths.  If you’ve already been through a workshop, check out The Power of WE.

Using a unique and scientific approach, the Power of WE modules combine the benefits of Whole Emergenetics Teams (WEteams) with Whole Emergenetics Approaches (WEapproach) to bring out the best in any team.

Spark Gap is proud to offer programs like Leveraging the Power of WETeam PerformanceHarnessing DifferencesTrust and more.

Customizable to your organization, these 2 to 4 hour modules drive performance by helping individuals and teams leverage their strengths to improve essential business functions. These modules are delivered through engaging and hands-on activities that aid learning and knowledge retention.

The result? Happier and more productive teams – and organizations that get things done.

If you haven’t been through an Emergenetics workshop, you can see how the Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds program works and why it would be so beneficial for your team or organization.  The beauty of Emergenetics is its flexibility though, so contact Jared to find out more about the way Spark Gap approaches Emergenetics.

Do you want to know more about the science behind Emergenetics?

Real, definable brain science is one major way that Emergenetics stands out from the crowd.  If you’re someone who needs the facts and the data, it’s all right here.  Even if you’re not a science person, Emergenetics history and background will give you a great understanding of why it was created and how it works.

What else can we do with Emergenetics?

Emergenetics is one of the most versatile workplace tools on the market.  Whether you’re looking for improved family interactionindividual empowerment and growth, team development, or ways to improve the way you work, including stronger communication, reduced conflict, and increased creativity, we have a clear, focused way to make it happen at Spark Gap.

I invite you to contact us! Let’s explore the amazing ways Spark Gap can serve you!